Louisiana Indian Heritage Association

Since 1967 - Annual Powwows bring Native American culture to Southeast Louisiana

Keeping the tradition alive through Powwow culture!

The Louisiana Indian Heritage Association, a state-wide non-profit organization founded in 1967, is dedicated to the preservation of Native American customs and traditions. 

LIHA has produced annual powwows since 1967 and is the oldest on-going organization of its kind in the Southeast region. Prior to 1967, it was necessary to travel to Texas or Oklahoma to attend a powwow. Most Louisiana Natives had been assimilated into the dominant culture and had lost their identity. Lost were cereLonial dances, such as the Stomp Dance, indigenous  to Southeastern United States. LIHA has played a major role in the revival of traditions among the Louisiana Native Americans. LIHA has been an instrument to rediscover their culture and heritage.

We invite everyone to join and strengthen our organization.


Contact LIHA at:
LIHA, Inc.
PO BOX 1390
FOLSOM   LA 70437
(504) 650-0462


November 19-20, 2011 
Lamar Dixon Expo Center 
Gonzales, Louisiana 
Saturday November 19 
9am Flag Raising (in arena) 
9am LIHA Annual Membership Meeting 
  Election of Officers 
10am  Doors open to public 
10:30-11:30am Gourd Dancing 
11:30-1:00pm  Demonstrations around the arena 
     Cane weaving 
     Shopping for the Holidays 
1-5pm Grand Entry – Powwow dancing 
5pm Supper Break hosted by the Ransom Family 
6-7pm Gourd Dancing 
7:00pm Grand Entry – Powwow Dancing 
  Head Man Special 
Closing Flag song and lowering of the Colors 
Sunday November 20 
9am Flag Raising (arena) 
10am Doors open to public 
11:00 – 12 Noon  Gourd Dancing 
12:00-1pm Demonstrations 
   Visit our traders for Holiday shopping 
1pm Grand Entry – Powwow Dancing 
  Head Lady Special 
  Committee Special 
5pm Closing Flag Song 
Honoring our Veterans: The Grand Entry is lead by Iraq and Afganistan military 
veterans. The eagle staff, donated to LIHA by the Jimmy Roy (Ponca/Otoe) 
Family is always carried by a veteran. The red feather adorning the staff is 
notched to honor all wounded veterans and those that did not return home. 
LIHA is a non-profit state chartered organization whose goal is to educate the 
public in the true traditions and culture of the American Indian. LIHA does this by 

 What is LA. Indian Heritage Association Powwow? Watch this video: Click Here